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New Release in June, 2017!

Writing the Energetic Body – 4 Week Online Course
Shedding Inhibition and Evolving Through Creative Power – 28 Days of Writing Past the Mind and into the Chakras

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Allow your inner-critic to relax, have fun writing, and receive encouragement and feedback while exploring your chakras.

For this workshop we start from the Crown and work our way down to the Root. You’re encouraged to set an intention at the beginning of the session and to give thanks for the abundance that is already in your life. The Crown is about Ideas, Spirit, Divine Inspiration. The Root is about Manifestation. Sometimes we go from the Root to the Crown – I like to mix it up.

Writing the Energetic Body will use the major chakra system as the “backbone” for self-exploration through writing.

Participants will:

  • compassionately and creatively observe the Self
  • uncover hidden impulses, stories, and life patterns
  • awaken the body/mind
  • utilize the breath for presence in the moment
  • deepen and expand creative vision
  • loosen up and strengthen fluid writing

There is no need to “know” anything about the chakra system, our bodies physically and energetically hold information, and by freely writing we can tap into that knowledge.

Participants will receive daily writing prompts designed to stimulate a specific chakra for the given day in their in-boxes. They will spend 30 minutes only on the given prompt. They will return their responses via email to me. Participants will also have the chance to upload their work to a private blog site to share and to give and receive feedback from other participants.

I will personally respond to your work via email.

As an added bonus, participants also receive either written, audio, or video instruction for movement, meditation, or breath work that will deepen the prompt for the day. Participants may use the additional instruction however they choose—and it is theirs to refer to whenever they like.

Space is limited!

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Online Class Structure

Writing the Energetic Body workshops are conducted through a private blog and email. As a participant, you will send your work to me via email. You will also set up your own blog profile, become an author on a private blog, will have the choice to share your work on the blog, as well as the chance to give other participants feedback. (You do not have to participate in the blog, but I encourage it, after all, writing is communication).

You will receive instructional or meditative videos from me along with writing prompts that are designed to stimulate the chakra that is being focused on for the day. We will focus on one chakra at a time for three days, with one day to process the focus chakra before moving onto the next chakra.

You will receive feedback and encouragement from me personally! It’s great fun!

By the end of the course, you will have access to your blog as well as a record of what you have done, which you may revisit whenever you like.

Space is limited!

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